About Me

Hi, am Wilson Tom and I really love to travel. I love writing on different destinations around the world. I started writing blogs in 2010, and have been loving every minute of it.
To me, traveling is the most important than anything else, Well, anything else doesn’t means that I don’t need air, water, food, shelter and all other basic needs . Besides all those basic needs, traveling is my first importance. Exploring new places attributes a feeling of love ourselves, and as all we have a reserve of love inside it allows me to give love to others with greater freedom. Travel to me is a never ending experience; it’s a personal journey that embarks an experience of new perspective, new realizations and new learning in different places. It may not necessarily that all trip may have ethereal experience, but the mere fact of exploring something new and being in a different environment offers a new panorama to the mind and soul. I would say that there is nothing more important to me than exploring the world as much as I can, before my last day in this planet Earth. I like adventure travel in which Bike Trips are my favorite.
I believe that all people have their own ways of exploring and espouse new things, and hence, travel is done in many different ways to fulfill the pleasure and to be indulged. Every human being on this earth has the right to travel, and one becomes a traveler gradually by traveling as a tourist, and at present am trying to be a traveler.

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