Monday, December 3, 2012

A Peachy Weekend Bike Ride to Agra

Last Week I had a quite good bike ride to Agra, as my best friend bought a new Royal Enfield Bullet. As he bought a bullet it was like something mandatory to have a good ride, so we choose Agra, as it can be completed in one day. From Delhi to Agra is just 210 Kms and we started our ride at 7 Am. The road to Agra seems really bad as it was really hot and you have to get through dusty way. The scenery is not as better and there is lots of foul smell all the way to Agra. But thing which I was enjoying was the thundering sound of bullet and crispy sound of wind.

On our way we halted first after Palwal in a dhaba for our breakfast. We had onion and aallo parata with curd and after having that we resumed our trip. Day was really hot sweat was overflowing throughout my body. We travelled by Faridabad, Palwal, Hodal then Mathura where we got terrific traffic as it was some pooja going own huge pilgrims were had assembled there and they had messed the road with heavy traffic. To cross Mathura we took 3 hours and it was unbearable because of hot weather. Somehow we manage to get out of traffic and reached Agra. Our plan was to visit Taj Mahal so parked the bike and went to take tickets but while walking we were not feeling good as we want to sit in bike itself. So we went back and took the bike and decided to go back Delhi.

On our way back we had our lunch at Chhata, from a normal Punjabi Dhaba. After having lunch we started to go back Delhi. I actually don’t like the route of Uttar Pradesh, Its very dusty as well as smelly. The road which it likes to travel is like of Punjab and hilly terrains. We were regularly halting for some smoke also whenever we feel sleepy. And by around 1900 Hrs we reached back Delhi and after shanky dropped me at my home he went back. For a break a short ride will make everyone relax and feel free with their busy schedule and a ride to Agra from Delhi is ample for that.

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